Let There Be Light - Building an Artificial Star

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Let There Be Light
Building an Artificial Star

1 hr 20 mins

A group of scientists are approaching the final steps of a machine decades in the making: an artificial star that could provide millions of years of clean energy. Are scientists about to crack nuclear fusion, or chasing a...

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Mila Aung-Thwin, Van Royko
Alessandro Bonito-Oliva, Angela Merkel, Bernard Bigot, Charles Seife, Chuck Flanagan, Eric Lerner, Evgeny Velikov, Gunther Janeschitz, Jeffrey Harris, Ken Blackler, Laban Coblentz, Laurie Stephey, Mark Henderson, Mark Uhran, Michel Laberge, Mike Donaldson, Pranay Valson, Sabina Griffith, Sibylle Gunter, Wade Zawalski
Gravitas Ventures